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AJ Roberts is a 2-time World Record holder in Powerlifting and highly successful entrepreneur who has helped some of the fitness industry's biggest names build their businesses. He's also been the trusted advisor and brains behind the operation for some of the most well known and successful brands in the world.

What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • How to create real fulfillment in your life and where people typically go wrong.
  • The biggest lessons AJ Learned from being a 2 time world record holding powerlifter.
  • Why delayed gratification is so important and why people need to have more patience when it comes to success.
  • Why creating a winning environment is so important for your success, mindset and overall happiness.
  • How AJ defines spirituality and how it's played such a big part in his success.

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You can connect with AJ on Facebook here or over at his website at ajroberts.com

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