Short Guest Bio 

Bryan Paul Buckley is an Energy Performance Coach who helps business travelers manage and maximize their energy on the road so they can be more productive, nail the presentation, close the deal and ultimately come home with more energy.

He also speaks and consults with individuals and companies who desire to leverage their everyday activities into an energy advantage. Bryan hosts The Energy Edge Podcast. He’s also a husband of one and father of five (buy 4 get 1 free offer), huge sports fan, avid reader, and health and fitness fanatic who lives in the suburbs of Chicago.

​What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • How to start your day from a positive state and create an energy edge every morning.
  • Mid day energy installments you can use throughout the day to avoid burnout and keep performance high.
  • How to keep your energy levels high when on the go and traveling for work.
  • How to close out your day in a way that improves sleep quality and ensures you start the morning with a decluttered mind.

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