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Episode 194-Ronnie Landis-How To Optimize Your Body And Sharpen Your Mind Through Cutting Edge Nutrition

SHORT GUEST BIORonnie Landis is one of the leading advocates for raw foods, super foods, and plant based nutrition. He is an international speaker, author, entrepreneur, and full-time athlete. He holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, has been a semi-professional athlete, and personal trainer. Ronnie focuses his life work on educating audiences […]

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Episode 191-Phil White-Unplug From Technology And Upgrade Your Fitness, Lifestyle And Performance

SHORT AUTHOR BIOPhil White is an Emmy-nominated writer and the co-author of Unplugged with Brian Mackenzie and Dr. Andy Galpin, Game Changer with Fergus Connolly and Jim Harbaugh, Flight Plan with Dr. Kelly Starrett and The 17 Hour Fast with Dr. Frank Merritt. He’s also a frequent contributor to The Inertia. Learn more at www.philwhitebooks.comWhat […]

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Episode 189-Jason Phillips-How To Optimize Performance With Better Nutrition

​GUEST BIOJason is the CEO of Jason Phillips Nutrition, Mission 6 Nutrition and soon to be announced, NCI (Nutrition Coaching Institute). With his knowledge and experience in fitness and nutrition, he supports athletes and individuals worldwide reach their goals through nutrition coaching and supplementation.Jason has written for several publications including Men’s Fitness and his own […]

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