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Losing Nearly 200 Pounds In 10 Months

Christian Evans is the founder of ChristiansWeightSuccess.net where he shares the tools and strategies he used to lose almost 200 pounds in just 10 months.  Christian performed this incredible health transformation with no diet pills or surgery.  He overcame a great deal of family adversity and challenges with his health, and shares how he turned his life around.

What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • How Christian developed the strategies and the mindset for massive weight loss.
  • Daily habits Christian has put in place to ensure his health and happiness.
  • How changing your thoughts can lead to major transformation in multiple areas of your life.

Connect With Christian!

You can visit C´╗┐hristianWeightSuccess.net here or connect with him on Facebook´╗┐!

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Shay-lon Moss - October 8, 2016

This was an awesome interview and I am happy this opportunity was given to Christian, he has come a long way in his journey with fitness/health! great job Christian!



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