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Below I've listed the most common ways people like to get in touch with me. I do my best to respond within 24-48 hours but I like to enjoy life on the weekend sometimes :). Wether you're just stopping by to say hey or looking to collaborate, I am grateful for you.

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If you'd like to support the Fearless & Healthy Podcast and share your thoughts on the show, please leave a review on iTunes here. I read every review and appreciate the support from the bottom of my heart. They also make a huge difference and help spread the Fearless & Healthy movement.

Health Coaching For Motivated Professionals

I help motivated professionals get fast results through my exclusive coaching program. Since I get more applications than I can handle, I am very selective about who I work with. I've been in the industry for over a decade and the best results happen when both parties are 100% dedicated to success.

If you are fully committed to taking charge of your health, you can apply for a strategy call to discuss your goals with me below. If we both feel like it's a good fit, we'll talk about how to move forward together! 

​Media, Press, Interviews

Interviewing me for your podcast-I'm always interested in collaborating with like minded individuals and creating win-win situations that provide value for others. Please email me with details about your show. If we decide it's a good fit, we'll make it happen! 

Be a guest on the show-I'm looking for athletes, inspiring thought leaders, peak performance experts and fearless transformation stories. If you or someone you know fits the criteria above, then email me, as I'd love to learn more. 

You can email me in regards to either of the inquires above. Please keep the email short and sweet in regards to interview inquires :). Thank you!-ian@fearlessandhealthy.com

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