'Conversations That Break The Male Stereotype'

Man Coach, author and creator of The School of Personal Mastery coaching program for men, Mike Campbell has a mission to make modern day masculinity accessible to everyday men.

Mike’s mission is to create a global movement supporting men in connecting and stepping into who they really are, not who they think they’re supposed to be, in order to live with clarity, drive and purpose.

Plus he loves to cook, eat and talk to his food. He loves his fiancée, stone fruit, cold beer, red wine, and to think of himself as a low level Batman. He also likes to lift heavy things, do handstands and play Goldeneye on his vintage Nintendo 64.

​What You'll Learn In This Episode

  • Why people build up resistance around making a big change in their lives.
  • The main problems with the current model of masculinity.
  • Why some men have such fear around coming off as weak and tapping into their emotions.
  • Why so many guys keep conversations surface level and rarely go deep with their other male friends.
  • The power of vulnerability and why comparison is such in issue in today's society.

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You can connect with Mike on his website at beyondthebeerstv or FB here.

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