Join The Freedom To Fly Tribe

Your Ticket To Optimal Health And A Lifestyle Focused On  Maximum Fulfillment

What You'll Get As A Freedom To Fly Tribe Member..

  1. Private Mastermind FB Group.
  2. Access To The Freedom To Fly Book Club And Members Only Podcast.
  3. Access To The Self Mastery Vault.
  4. ​Monthly Self Mastery Challenge.
  5. Monthly 'Ask Ian Anything Call.'

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The Freedom To Fly Private FB Mastermind

'Join A Group Of People Dedicated To Up Leveling Their Lives'

Surrounding yourself with the right people is one of the most important components in up leveling your life.

In our mastermind, you'll connect with people who are dedicated to self mastery and living life as the best version of themselves. 

You'll have accountability from myself and other fearless action takers.

  Freedom To Fly Book Club

'Learn Fast, Retain Better & Take More Fearless Action'

Our  3 part system teaches you how to learn fast, retain better and then get massive results through our implementation challenges. 

​We'll read one book a month as a group and implement what we learn together.

You'll also get access to a PDF book summary, learning accelerator cheat sheet and members only podcast that will make it easy to retain/implement the big takeaways.

What's In The Self Mastery Vault?

'Holistic Health Made Convenient And Simple'

As a tribe member, you'll get access to the members only site.

Everything from recipes, shopping lists, on the go workouts,  book club extras and video workshops will be at your finger tips. 

Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally should be convenient and fresh. New content is constantly added to the site.

The Monthly Self Mastery Challenge

​'Get Real Results Through Fearless Action'

We'll take fearless action and implement one of the big concepts from the book in our Monthly Self Mastery Challenge.

You'll have the support and coaching necessary to thrive outside of your comfort zone and make giant leaps in your own development.

We focus on challenges in our core 4 areas: Spirituality, Health , Business & Personal Development.

Monthly (Ask Me Anything) Call

Every month, there will be a coaching call where you can ask me anything. If any blocks come up or you're struggling with something in particular, I'll be there to get you back on track.

The monthly calls will ensure you stay motivated and in the fearless action mindset.

You'll also get access to the recordings, in case you miss anything that we go over during the call.