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​Michael Limongelli, CEO of Vicecreme, grew up in the suburbs of Montgomery County Maryland. After graduating from the University of Maryland, he decided to take a career in sales. Soon to find out, leading the company in sales was the easy part, however staying healthy on the road yielded quite the challenge.

After choosing to adopt a fully plant-based lifestyle, he was able to make amazing changes, but still had the urge for dessert almost everyday. Discovering the need for a healthy, dairy free option became apparent very quickly and that's where the idea all began. He figured that with the combination of years of experience in the service industry and a high interest in sales, why fill the void not only for himself, but for all the health conscious individuals out there and make the world a better place all at the same time.

What You'll Learn In This Episode 

  • The #1 biggest misconception people have around Veganism.
  • Why Mike decided to embrace a vegan lifestyle and the effects he's seen on his body since doing so.
  • How to easily get enough protein from a plant based diet and why most of the information regarding this concept is false.
  • Why Mike decided to start a Vegan ice cream store and why it's been so successful.

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