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"Coach Miles is a Fitness, Meditation and Holistic Health Guru that teaches ways of accessing your full potential by changing your lifestyle and living more fully in the present. Through his online coaching, public speaking, retreats and free content, he has set out to help as many as he can discover their truth and access the power, beauty, and happiness we all have within us.

You can access his free content and learn more about his coaching at as well as following him on Facebook and Instagram at Miles J Levine and @mileslevine. "

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What You'll Learn In This Episode‚Äč

  • How changing your perspective in any given situation can radically shift your success and happiness.
  • The #1 thing Miles learned from a 10 Day silent retreat.
  • Specific daily actions steps you can take to become more present and live in the moment.
  • The power of meditation and how to use micro installments throughout the day to enhance the quality of your life.
  • How to embrace the 'here and now', while living your dream 'as is.'

We Will Be Hosting The Meditate And Move  Retreat Experience January 11th-15th! Watch the video below and see exactly how you can join us!

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